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The university-wide Student Portal facilitates educational administrative work and communication between teachers, course administrators and students.

Through its contact with other central systems, the Student Portal is able to offer every active student a basic selection of services, for instance:

  • Course pages with Library resources, List of participants with e-mail and Syllabus with literature list
  • Program pages with Curriculum and Program statement
  • Webmail and personal file area
  • Study results and grade transcripts
  • Information from the student unions

In addition to these common services, individual departments can choose to make use of the Student Portal's various functions, e.g., web registration and examination notifications. It is also possible to communicate with students and circulate information via notice boards, email, progress, links and file areas.

Log in and more information about managing the Student Portal may be found on:

Education and support

Uppsala Learning Lab is the system owner for the Student Portal and is responsible for support, guidance and training. If you have any questions about the portal, please contact:, or phone 018 - 471 62 93.

The Student Portal is connected to many central systems. When these systems are shut down for maintenance, for instance, the Student Portal is affected. Information about possible interruptions of service is available on the IT Support home page:

Courses on the Student Portal

All employees are offered introductory courses about the Student Portal. Sign up at at least five days ahead of the beginning of the course. Read more about courses.

Roles and Authorization

To be able to log on and administrate the Student Portal you must have the role of an administrator. Apply for user authorization for the Student Portal (pdf).

Service interruptions


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